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Sikhism: Sikh's Selfies Photoshopped to Make Him Look Like a Paris Attacker
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Sikh's Selfies Photoshopped to Make Him Look Like a Paris Attacker

Nov 15, 2015

A Canadian Sikh from Canada had his selfie photo taken from twitter and Photoshopped to make him look like a Paris Terrorist Attacker. Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh, could scarcely believe his eyes when he spotted an image of himself on Saturday. He recognized the image as a selfie he took in the bathroom of his Canadian home, using his iPad. Except, now, the iPad had been turned into a Quran, and he is wearing at the explosive vest of a suicide bomber.

Jubbal took to social media to try to clarify that a terrible mistake was being made. He was concerned that authorities would rain hell on his home in short order.

However, the press had picked up on the image too, and without any research or due diligence, started publishing it in the newspaper. Jubbal was seeing his face in the front page of international newspapers and sites, branded as a terrorist. The image appeared on the front page of Spanish newspaper La Razon on Sunday as well.

With the story continuing to spread, Jubball continued to tweet his identity and that the case was a hoax.

But it seemed very few in the media were listening. TV Channel Sky TG24 tweeted the image as truth too.

Finally the news media apologized for their mistakes but it was a little too late. Jubbal mentioned that his identity was ruined and he could be a target of hate crime attack and was concerned about his well being.

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