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Sikhism: Hindu Priest Comments on Sikhs and Langar
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Hindu Priest Comments on Sikhs and Langar


Hindu priest mentions Sikhs and Langar in one of his congregations. The kind words he uses are out of this world.

He States:

The one who offers the food is never left hungry. And the pockets of the one who donates never become empty. Remember this! You know our Sikh brothers. I went to Amritsar, I remember, it was 2 to 3 years ago. I was accompanied there. The Sikhs have a service called Langar. The Langar has two purposes. Food for all and equality for all. When you have Langar, it's not like rich and poor sit separately or a priest sits separately from others. All sit in one line. Everyone sits in one line!

If not extravagant food, everyone gets tortillas and vegetables. This is an act of giving. A very good gesture. And I also saw that even the rich volunteer. We have this weakness. The rich among us think, why should I volunteer? More money they have in their pocket, more ego they have. Among Sikhs, even the millionaires and billionaires pick up the broom and sweep. They can be seen sweeping the floors at the Gurdwara. They can be seen cleaning other people's shoes. This is not seen among us.

Why they do it? Because Sikh Gurus preached to let go of ego. The one who volunteers does not become egocentric. And the one who is egocentric, cannot volunteer. To save you from your own ego, Guru instructed to volunteer. Never be greedy with food, everyone will get the same food. Wherever I find good lessons, I keep those lessons in my heart. I really like this view.

It's not like they give extravagant food to the rich and shoo the poor away by just giving them rice and lentils. It's not like this. Everyone gets the same food. They do Kirtan (sing praises of God) with love. They have a very strong faith in the Name of God.

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