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Sikhism: Vandals Spray Anti-Islamic Graffiti on Sikh Gurdwara at Perth Australia
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Perth, Australia, Oct 29, 2014

Around 1:30am in the morning of Oct 29, 2014, Sikh Gurdwara was sprayed with anti-Islamic graffiti in Perth, Australia. The multi-million dollar temple has been under construction in Bennett Springs for more than two years and is due to be completed in February.

Two people were captured on Security Camera wearing dark clothing with their faces covered. One Individual climbed onto the other’s shoulders to spray over the camera. The graffiti included swear words and offensive messages including "go home", "Arab f..ks" and "Aussie pride". Damage to the building is going to cost $40,000 dollars to repair.

Satjit Singh, founding member of the Sikh Gurdwara at Perth said, "This temple belongs to the Sikh community and we have no relation with any other religion". Clearly the vandals misidentified the Gurdwara as an Islamic intuition, not knowing about what the Sikh faith stands for. The incident follows the targeting of two Perth mosques and an Islamic school 10 days ago, which were painted with slogans including "ban Islam".

Sikhs are neither Muslim nor Arab but a part of a individual monotheistic Sikh religion that originated in India. Satjit added, "We are Sikhs and our religion is totally different from any other religion. I'm ashamed because I'm also a citizen and someone who is a citizen here has done it. It hurts me, and I believe it's insulting to the Australian community and the people."

Sikhs with turbans are often mistaken as Arabs or Muslims. People base their judgments just on the looks. Sikhs differ from Arabs in many aspects. While Arab is a term for people from a certain region, Sikhs are member of a religion called Sikhism.

Sikhs live in different region and country than Arabs; have different religion, culture, food, and language than Arabs. Even though Sikhs are very different from Arabs and Muslims on many aspects, Sikhs condemn hate crime against Arabs and Muslims as well. Every individual is unique. An individual should not be blamed because of the terrible actions of some individual or groups belonging to that religion. Get to know the individual, he might be the nicest person you have ever met.

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