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Sikhism: Khalsa Aid Sikhs Helping the Iraq and Syrian Refugees
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Iraq, Sep 26, 2014

In early July, Khalsa Aid assisted in the evacuation of Punjabis from Iraq. One might expect that Khalsa Aid’s efforts in Iraq have stopped at that point but no, they sent Ravinder Singh, CEO of KhalsaAid to help the refugees.

Ravinder Singh, who is a Sikh, but considers his duty is to help all who are in need regardless of where they are from or which religion they belong to. If another human is in need, Sikhs are there to help.

“It doesn’t matter in which language we pray or how we pray. God is ONE! We are all ONE!” Ravinder Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid

"Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you for helping us. God bless you my son." A Yazidi gentleman ran over to the fence after seeing Ravinder Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid walk near his refugee camp.

Khalsa Aid also funded a bakery on Iraq Syria border that will provide fresh bread for 16000 people each day! The bakery is located 7 miles from the Syrian border in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan). Khalsa Aid has provided $40,000 to purchase the machinery and Joint Help For Kurdistan has provided a brand new building to house the bakery. The local government in Duhok is providing free power supply to the bakery. Khalsa Aid will also provide the salaries of the staff to run the bakery for the next 6 months.

Bread is the staple diet of the Yazidi people who are the refugees in this camp. As the harsh winter approaches, reugees had a deep concern for fresh bread and shelter as the nearest town is 25 miles away.

Khalsa Aid been approached to set up another bakery in another camp which houses 70,000.

“I feel so blessed, little Syrian refugee boy wanted to give me kiss, was very moved.” Ravinder Singh

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