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Sikhism: If all humans are equal then why do Sikhs preach not to marry outside their religion?
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Q: If all humans are equal then why do Sikhs preach not to marry outside their religion?

A: Sikhs recommend to marry a Sikh because of greater compatibility. Sikhs still consider people from all religions equal and everyone including Sikhs have the choice to marry anyone of their choice including people from other religions.

Everyone has a goal in life. If you have a similar goal as your partner, you will achieve that goal with a companion and with less obstacles. However, if you have a goal which varies from your spouse's goal, then you will not share achieving that goal with your spouse.

Sikhism preaches that the purpose of our life is to become One with God. One can achieve this goal by following Guru's teachings and the lifestyle shown by Sikh Gurus. If one marries a Sikh, they will have the same lifestyle and great compatibility. Husband and wife can help each other and walk hand in hand on the path shown by Sikh Gurus to achieve the goal together.

Sikhs have a great respect for other religions. Sikhs consider all humans as equal. No one is shunned away from entering the Gurdwara Sahib. Everyone eats Langar sitting at the same level on the ground signifying humbleness and equality. Sikhs are not to discriminate based on religion, class, culture, color, ethnicity, or gender. Meaning no one is denied rights because of their looks or which religion they belong to. However, when it comes to marriage, one has to find a compatible match with similar values and beliefs.

Sikh Gurus' teachings are logical, practical, and moral. One who believes in them and follows them is known as a Sikh. Since the purpose of human life is to become One with God. We should love God, Meditate on Him, and live a lifestyle shown by Sikh Gurus to keep ourselves focused to meet God. Marrying a Sikh or someone who agrees with and would like to follow the teachings of Sikh Gurus makes us stronger and much more focused to achieve this goal. To clarify, the teachings of Sikh Gurus are not focused on belonging to a particular religion, the teachings value becoming a good person, helping others, and loving God.

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