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Q: I am familiar with Punjabi but why cannot I understand the text in Guru Granth Sahib Ji?

A: People who know Punjabi can easily understand #Gurmukhi# in Guru Granth Sahib Ji with little practice. Gurmukhi is a poetic form of Punjabi. The main problem people face is that they cannot understand the meanings of some words. Contact your local Gurdwara Sahib and ask the priest to see if he can give you some lessons or ask a friend who knows how to read Gurbani. Then try to learn the meanings and build your vocabulary. If there is no one in your area to teach you then try to buy books written by Damdami Taksal. “Gurbani Paath Darpan” is very nice book which teaches you how to pronounce Gurbani correctly and it also defines the meanings to complicated words. You can also read translations of Gurbani online and learn the meaning of Gurbani words to build your vocabulary. offers English translation while offers translation in Punjabi. The best way to understand Gurbani is to practice reading it.

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