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Sikhism: Many Christians believe in the feminine side of God, what does Sikhism say about it?
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Q: Many Christians believe in the feminine side of God, what does Sikhism say about it?

A: Sikhism respectfully disagree with Christian who believe in the Feminine side of God. Sikhism has a clear description of God. "God is One. He is the Supreme Truth. He the Creator, is without fear and without hate. He is immortal. He is neither born and nor does He die. By Guru's grace shall He be met. Chant And Meditate on His Name. In the beginning, He was the Truth. Throughout the ages, He has been the Truth. He is the Truth now and He shall be the Truth forever" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1). "He has no form, no shape, no color; God is beyond these three qualities. One understands Him, O Nanak, with whom God is pleased" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 283).

God is a Spirit, the greatest spirit of all and our soul is a part of God. If God’s Soul is compared to an ocean, then each of us is carrying a droplet of that ocean within ourselves. Sikh Gurus, who themselves attained salvation and became One with God instructed specifically that God is formless, fearless, ageless, and genderless.

One of our Sikh representatives was discussing this topic with fellow Christians. During the discussion, a Christian lady who was about 65 years old was discussing her spiritual experiences. She said that when her mother was at deathbed, she saw some light coming out of her body and claimed that she saw her mother’s soul. The Sikh representative asked her, "Was the soul you saw a male or a female?" Silence ... for minutes, she was unable to answer that question. The Sikh representative added, "If you were not able to associate a gender with a soul how can you say that God has a feminine or a masculine side? Gender exists in human parameters and the world above us is free of gender, race, cast, color, religion, and form.”

Too often people (including Sikhs) refer to God as a He, but this is not to say that God is a male, for God is genderless. Sikhs only use “He” as an expression of identifying and alluding to God in worldly terms.

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