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Sikhism: Are all turban wearing people Muslim?
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Q: Are all turban wearing people Muslim?

A: Many people mistake Sikhs and look at them as Muslims due to their turban. If you see a man walking down on American, British, Canadian, and Australian streets wearing a turban, there is 99.9% chance that he is a Sikh, a follower of a monotheistic religion that started in the 15th century in India. Sikhs proudly wear the turban as part of their religious and cultural heritage. Sikhs are often mistaken for Muslims or Arabs. They are neither -- not that being Arab or Muslim is a justification for making people targets of hatred. However, Sikhism is an independent religion and does not follow Islamic law.

Turban is used as a head covering by many cultures. Many cultures in Africa wear turban as well. Only the high officials in Islam wear turban. Many Hindu priests wear turban as well. Identifying people wearing turban and looking at them as terrorist and making them a target of hatred is completely wrong. Just like every person wearing a baseball hat is not a bank robber; every person wearing a turban is not a terrorist.

Sikhs do not cut their hair and live the way God made us. The way God made us is the most beautiful of all. Sikh hair and turban are the symbol of our love towards God and the respect for everything He gave us.

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