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Sikhism: How do Sikhs feel about converting others into Sikhism?
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Q: How do Sikhs feel about converting others into Sikhism?

A: Sikhs as a rule, do not pursue people to convert them to Sikh faith. Sikhs do not give the world the impression that unless you convert to Sikhism, you are going to go to hell. However, Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled saying a prayer, “Oh my kind master, Lord, I pray unto you, save this burning world". He's not talking about Punjab. He’s not talking about India. He’s talking about all of mankind. “With your kind grace, save this world”. Guru Nanak Dev Ji saw the world burning in hate, anger, ego, greed, and other worldly entanglements. He was not trying to convert people to Sikhism but was delivering the message of God and helping people be in direct contact with God. The people that got inspired by him became his follower and were known as Sikhs.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji comments on religion, “It doesn’t matter to me from which source he/she is inspired. My prayer unto dear God is, please take that person into your arms, if that person is inspired to come and meet with You”. How you are inspired does not matter so long as you are inspired rightly into God’s arms and we should be tolerant enough to accept others' sources of inspiration.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the next nine great Gurus came into the world only 500 years ago. Could Sikhs say, “Unless you turn around and be Sikhs otherwise you will go to hell?” Absolutely not! Does that mean before 500 years ago everybody went to hell? Absolutely not! Did everyone before Jesus burned in hell? According to Sikhism, Absolutely Not! Sikhs respect Jesus and other prophets that came into this world to spread the message of God but Sikhs do not believe that Jesus or any other prophet is the only way to meet God.

Sikhs do not pursue people to convert them to Sikhism but do give information about Sikhism to anyone who asks for it. If someone is inspired, and wants to become a Sikh, they are welcome to Sikhism.

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