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Sikhism: What worship and life one has to follow after taking Amrit?
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Q: What worship and life one has to follow after taking Amrit?

A: A Sikh’s life consists of three basic rules: remember God, live honestly, and share with the less fortunate.

A Sikh must earn an honest living and always conduct honesty and good ethical standards. Sikhs must also remember God. An Amritdhari (Baptized Sikh) achieves the above by living a lifestyle proposed by Sikh Gurus. In addition to living a Sikh lifestyle, the Amritdhari lifestyle also includes recitation of seven daily prayers and wearing five articles of faith. Five prayers are recited in the morning as a reminder of God’s role in life and are meant to be the first thoughts of the day dedicated to God. One prayer is recited in the evening and one is subsequently recited at night to be the last thoughts in ones mind before sleep. In this way, God is constantly a conscious part of a Sikh’s day.

One may ask, why should one recite the same hymn everyday? The basic reason is that the hymns provide guidance to worship God and tells one to live truly and honestly. Reciting the hymns does not let one dwindle and always keeps one focused in his/her goals. Every morning the hymns ring the bell in mind and remind one of his/her duties.

Along with reciting the hymns, Sikhs are told to meditate on God while doing any work and whenever they are free. Some Sikhs get up at three in the morning and start worshiping God while everyone is asleep, so that there would be no distractions.

Amritdhari (Baptized) Sikh wears five articles of faith, which he or she is always to keep with them. These five symbols are Hair (covered), Comb, Steel bracelet, small sword, and under shorts. The sword is emblem of courage and self-defense. It symbolizes dignity, self-reliance, capacity and readiness to always defend the weak and the oppressed. It helps sustain one’s martial spirit and the determination to sacrifice oneself in order to defend the truth.

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