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Q: What is Amrit and at what age do Sikhs take Amrit (become baptized into Sikhism)?

A: Amrit means nectar. Amrit is prepared from ground sugar and water. In Sikhism, Amrit, also known as Khande Ki Pohul, means taking the sublime essence of God to purify yourself and live a moral and just lifestyle. Receiving or drinking Amrit means getting baptized in Sikh religion.

A Sikh must earn an honest living and always interact with honesty and good ethical standards. Sikhs must also remember God. An Amritdhari (Baptized Sikh), achieves the above by living a lifestyle instructed by Sikh Gurus. This lifestyle keeps one focused in life and helps one live a moral life while having love towards God.

Amrit is carried out by drinking of holy water (prepared while reciting hymns) given by five baptized Sikhs to the person being baptized. There is no formal age for becoming a baptized Sikh. Amrit is a very beautiful practice. It can be carried on any time when a Sikh thinks he or she is ready.

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