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Sikhism: Do Sikhs believe in creation or evolution?
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Q: Do Sikhs believe in creation or evolution?

A: Sikhism states that God created the entire Universe and the Universe including the Earth has been evolving since then. Earth while being in the Universe is a creation of God and all the life on the Earth is a creation of God. However, Sikhs respectfully disagree with some Christians who believe that the Earth was created 6000 years ago. Sikhism instructs that the Universe has been going on for billions of years. The Universe, including billion of starts, planets and the moons revolving the planets were created by God and it has been evolving since. In addition, this is not the first time God has created the Universe; He has done it many times. » More Info

It does not matter to a Sikh whether the Earth was created in seven days or it evolved in 4 billion years. The only thing that matters to a Sikh is that a Sikh is to become One with God and attain salvation. Creation and/or Evolution do not affect Sikhs in their journey to be One with God.

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