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Sikhism: What is the Sikh name for God?
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Q: What is the Sikh name for God?

A: Sikhs refer to God as Waheguru, Akal Purakh and Oankar. God has many Names. Hindus call Him Ram, Christians call Him God and Muslims call Him Allah. It does not matter by which name you address Him. He knows you are referring to Him.

Sikhs signify Him with the name Waheguru and meditate on this name of God. The purpose of reciting the Name Waheguru is to remember the One who created us. While awake, eating, studying, or doing anything, remember God. Like we remember someone we love and care for, we must also not forget our greatest love of all: God, the True Beloved. Remember God in your heart and surely He will guide you and help you and you will be able to attain salvation and become one with Him. There are many devotees in Sikh religion that have recited the Name and attained salvation.

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