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Sikhism: What kind of lifestyle do Sikhs have?
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Q: What kind of lifestyle do Sikhs have?

A: Sikh Gurus preached that you do not have to lead a life of seclusion, go on renunciation, fast, or go to pilgrimages in order to please God. You can be one with God while living a family life and carrying-on day to day tasks. Sikh Gurus themselves had children, lead a family life and showed everyone how it can be done.

There are two aspects to meet God. First: Spiritual, Love God and Meditate on Him. Salvation can only be attained by meditating on God. Second: Warrior, Protect yourselves and others right for freedom of religion and freedom of choice. Fight against oppression.

In order to keep Sikhs focused in life, Sikhs Gurus gave Sikhs a lifestyle. If one follows this lifestyle, one is less likely to deviate from his/her path since the lifestyle constantly reminds a Sikhs of his spiritual and moral values.

Sikh Gurus preached to keep God in your heart and mind for each and every possible second. Share with other and stand up for the truth. Do not be oppressed or oppress anyone.

Some key points of Sikh lifestyle:

  1. Keep God in mind all the time.
  2. Pray in the morning and evening.
  3. Wear five Ks (five articles of faith)
  4. Get rid of five vices: lust, anger, greed, emotional attachment, and ego.
  5. Keep diet simple and vegetarian.
  6. Live a simple life, be honest, and do not lie, cheat or steal.
  7. Have a monogamous marriage between a man and a woman.
  8. Not to cut hair and live the way God made us.
  9. Not to drink smoke or do drugs.
  10. Not to fast, perform ritual or go on pilgrimages.
  11. Not to believe in superstitions.
  12. Not to harm your body to please God.
  13. Share with others.
  14. Help the less fortunate.
  15. Protect the weak and the oppressed.

The daily prayer reminds Sikhs to meditate on God and love him. Love his creation and treat everyone equally. The five articles of faith keeps a Sikh in focus. Kara (Bracelets) reminds a Sikhs not to cheat steal or lie. Everyday, the five articles of faith reminds a Sikh of his/her duties and clear distinction between right and wrong. Getting rid of five vices makes a Sikh humble and down to Earth. Monogamous marriage helps a Sikh to live and dedicate his life to once partner and accompany each other to reach God.

Staying away from smoking, drinking, and drugs protects a Sikhs from wasting time and energy. It also helps keep Sikhs focused. Not believing in superstitions, pilgrimages, or rituals also protects Sikhs form spend time on ritual that are fruitless. There is nothing else equal to worshiping and meditating on God. Helping other keeps the Sikhs and rest of humanity united from achieving a common . Protecting the weak and oppressed grantees freedom to everyone regardless of their religion, ethnicity, color, class, or gender.

While practicing, the Sikh lifestyle helps one overcomes temptations and desires. Sikh lifestyle helps one to make right decisions in life.

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