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Sikhism: What is Sikhism and who are the Sikhs?
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Q: What is Sikhism and who are the Sikhs?

A: Sikhism is a monotheistic faith. Sikhism recognizes God as One and highest of all, who is not subject to time, form, space, birth or death. Sikhism states that you do not have to fast, perform rituals or go to pilgrimages in order to be one with God, all you have to do is have love towards God and live an honest life. Sikhism promotes equality between all man and woman. Sikhs are the members of Sikh religion.

Sikhism is one of the world’s simplest faiths, yet very strong discipline. The results produced by Sikhism have been very powerful. Sikhism helps one to devote his/her life to God and attain salvation by living a lifestyle that keeps one focused in life. Sikhism lifestyle includes getting rid of lust, anger, greed, emotional attachment and ego and living a moral, honest and peaceful life while sharing with others and helping the ones in need. In order to be one with God, we have to purify ourselves and become like Him, Sikhs lifestyle helps one to be like and be one with God.

Sikhism was formed in 1400s by Guru Nanak Dev Ji who was born in 1469. Guru Nanak Dev Ji carried a message from God. He told everyone to love, share, and live in peace. He showed a way to meet God and attain salvation through meditating on God and pure love towards Him. Sikh Gurus are in direct communion with God and passes the word of God to his followers. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s followers were then known as Sikhs.

Sikhs are known as follower of Sikh Gurus and members of the Sikh religion. Literally translated, Sikh means disciple or student. In the Sikh faith, the word Sikh means someone who strives to learn about God, is a seeker of God and truth, and someone who follows Guru’s teachings to achieve such goals.

Sikhs had ten Gurus in succession and the tenth Guru compiled all the teachings in a holy scripture called Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The revered scripture presides over as the eleventh Guru of Sikhs. Guru Granth Sahib Ji has 1430 pages and each and every page gives amazing information about God and how to be one with Him.

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