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Sikhism: Jagjit Singh, My Turban Saves Me
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Jagjit Singh, My Turban Saves Me

By Jagjit Singh
Nov 12, 2003

My turban has saved me so many times that I cannot even begin to explain. Like most, I am also filled with greed. I even thought about conning or tricking others in order to accumulate wealth. However, every time I think about doing such actions, I think about my turban. A thought comes in my mind, how will my Guru feel if I do such a thing. I am a Sikh and a Sikh must walk on the path of humility and live happily in whatever God has given me. If I have not had a turban on my head, I probably would have become a thief or a con man. My turban saves me.

My turban saves me from bad company as well. When I was in high school, I saw a person who was talking to high school kids about drugs. He would approach the kids and show them a small packet containing the drug and would ask them to try it. But he did not talk to me, he did not come near me, he saw my turban and kept his distance.

I sometimes think how my life would have been if I have not had a turban. It would be very easy to talk to be in contact with druggies and thieves. Having such a company, I probably would have become a drunkard and/or a drug addict. The symbol Guru Ji gave me actually saves me. Now I know the importance of turban and its purpose. It is not just an identity of a Sikh but also keeps a Sikh away from bad company and keeps a Sikh focused in life.

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