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Sikhism: Tapa, the Monk
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Tapa, the Monk

A monk known as Tapa lived in Khadur. He was worshipped by some of the local villagers. Tapa was jealous of Guru Angad Dev Ji, the second Guru of Sikhs. He was jealous by the reverence shown to Guru by the people. He wanted to be considered as great as the Guru, so he looked forward for an opportunity to disgrace the Guru and earn some recognition for himself. One year, the village was hit by a drought and rain was nowhere in sight. Tapa started telling people that the drought was because of Guru Angad Dev Ji's presence in the town. He said, “If you expel the Guru, I will bring rain within twenty-four hours." Some people then started asking Guru Angad to leave the town. Ultimately, Guru Ji left the town and went seven villages away from Khadur where Tapa had no influence.

When Baba Amar Das Ji arrived at Khadur the following morning, he could not find Guru Angad Dev Ji anywhere. On inquiry, the people narrated the whole story to Baba Amar Das. In the meantime Tapa failed to bring any rain. Baba Amar Das Ji told people about how great of a tyranny they have committed. They expelled the true Guru and followed a fake monk. The people began to realize their blunder. They went to Guru Angad Dev Ji, apologized and asked him to come back to the town. Guru Ji agreed to return to the village. Clouds covered the sky and it rained heavily on the day Guru Angad Dev Ji returned to the village.

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