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Sikhism: The King and the Queen
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The King and the Queen

Once there was a king named HariChand in India. "King HariChand had a queen with beautiful eyes, Tara. She had made his home the abode of comforts"  (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 10). She was a devotee of God and she knew the purpose of life. As it written in Guru Granth Sahib, "This human body has been given to you. This is your chance to meet God. All other works are of no use. Join the holy congregation and meditate on the Name of God" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 12).

Every night the queen would leave the king’s palace to join the holy congregation and meditate on God. “She would join the holy congregation and spend the whole night by hearing the holy hymns. After she left, the King awoke in the middle of the night and realized she had gone. He could not find the Queen anywhere and his heart was filled with astonishment” (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 10).

The King thought that Tara might be cheating on him, not realizing that Tara goes to worship and meditates on God. The queen was a great devotee of God. She would reach the holy congregation, take her sandals off, join the other devotees in worshipping and meditating on God. “The following night he followed the young queen. The queen reached the holy congregation and the King lifted one of her sandals to prove her infidelity” (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 10).

The king waited outside the place where the congregation was being held. Queen came outside after meditating on God. “Because she had meditated on God in the holy congregation, one sandal became a pair. The king was astonished and realized that her matching sandal was a miracle. King said, I would devote myself to the holy congregation” (The Vaars of Bhai Gurdas Ji, 10). The matching sandal was a result of the miracle performed by God to protect His devotee.

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