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Sikhism: About Us
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The primary purpose of this website is to help people get close to God and attain salvation. Sikh religion, with pure love towards God, gives spiritual guidance and shows us the lifestyle in order to be One with God. This website keeps in focus the people from all the religions all around the world who do not know Punjabi. The words in Punjabi have popup meanings in English when hovered over it. The citations from Guru Granth Sahib Ji can be viewed in its original from by clicking on the citation.

Our mission is not to convert people to Sikhism. We are simply displaying information about Sikhism and the people interested in joining the Sikh faith are welcome. In addition, we are lifting some misconception regarding the Sikh religion as well.

Most importantly, we are trying to motivate people to worship God and none else. We are trying to help everyone fulfill the purpose of life.

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