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Sikhism: Quotations from Guru Granth Sahib Ji on Longing to meet God
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  • If You are the mountain, then I am the peacock. If You are the moon, then I am the partridge in love with it. O Lord, if You will not break with me, then I will not break with You. For, if I were to break with You, with whom would I then join? If You are the lamp, then I am the wick. If You are the sacred place of pilgrimage, then I am the pilgrim. I am joined in true love with You, Lord. I am joined with You, and I have broken with all others. Wherever I go, I serve You there. There is no Lord other than You, O Divine Master. Meditating upon You, the noose of death is cut away. To attain devotional worship, Ravi Daas sings to You, Lord (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 658).

  • What virtues and excellences of Yours should I cherish and contemplate? I am worthless, while You are the Great Provider. I am Your servant - what clever tricks could I ever try? My soul and body are totally Yours. O my blissful, beloved, fascinating Lord, I long for the blessed vision of Yours. O God, You are the Great Provider, while I am just a poor beggar; You are forever and ever benevolent. O my Infinite Lord, I cannot accomplish anything by myself. What service should I perform? What should I say to please You? How can I gain the blessed vision of Yours? Your extent cannot be found - Your limits cannot be found. My mind longs for Your Feet. I beg with persistence to receive the gift of dust of the Saints to touch my face. Whichever devotee is showered with the grace of servant Nanak; God carries him over with His own Hands (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 738).

  • If only someone would appear and lead me to meet my Beloved Lord; I would sell myself to him. I long for the blessed vision of God. Meditating on the Name of God, one meets the true Guru with God's grace. If You bless me with happiness, then I will worship and adore You. Even in pain I will meditate on You. Even if You give me hunger, I would still feel satisfied; I am joyful even in the midst of sorrow. I would cut my body and soul into pieces, burn myself in fire, and offer it all to You. I would the fan over You and carry water for You. I will eat whatever You offer me. Poor Nanak has fallen at the Lord's Door; O Lord, unite me with Yourself by Your glorious greatness. I would take out my eyes and place them at Your Feet. I have come to understand this after traveling over the entire Earth. If You seat me near You, then I would worship and adore You. Even if You beat me and drive me out, I would still meditate on You. If people praise me, the praise is Yours. Even if they slander me, I would not leave You. If You are by my side, then anyone can say anything they want but if I ever forget You, then I would die. I am a sacrifice to my Guru; I fall at his feet and surrender myself to the saintly Guru. Poor Nanak has become insanely in love for God, longing for the blessed vision of God. Even in violent storms and torrential rain, I go out to see of my Guru. Even though the oceans and seas are very vast and salty, the Gursikh would cross over it to get to his Guru. Just as the mortal dies without water, so does the Sikh die without the Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 757).

  • The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is pleasing to my mind. I am fortunate to be able to meditate on the Lord's Name. The perfect Guru has attained spiritual perfection in the Name of the Lord. Rare are those who follow the Guru's teachings. I have loaded my sack with the provisions of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. The Companion of the breath of my life shall always be with me. The perfect Guru has implanted the Lord's Name within me. I have the imperishable treasure of the Lord in my lap. The Lord, Har, Har, is my Best Friend; He is my Beloved Lord. If only someone would come and introduce me to the Creator of my life. I cannot survive without seeing my Beloved Lord. Tears keep running down my eyes. The True Lord has been my best friend since my childhood. I cannot survive without seeing my Creator! O Dear Lord, please show me your mercy so shall I may meet the Guru. Servant Nanak contains the wealth of Lord's Name in his lap (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 94).

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