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Sikhism: Your section on comparing islam and sikhism is lacking a lot of information
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by Sophia | 2016-05-20 11:49:30

Your section on comparing Islam and Sikhism is lacking a lot of information and comes off as condescending and as if you are superior to other faiths...ironic. Muslims fast the same way the prophets fasted before them, polygamy was set with specific guidelines and under specific circumstances, animal sacrifice? not what you are thinking--animal can only be killed by reciting a special prayer and treating the animal as humanely as possible. you need to seriously redo that part of the site because you are making false statements of other religions. stick to describing your own. sick of hate filled islamic comments by sikhs.


I apologize if the article sounded condescending to you, this is not our intension. It is misunderstood that Sikhism derives believes from Hinduism and/or Islam. To clarify some of these beliefs we laid out what some of the beliefs and practices are followed by Islam and Hinduism and not by Sikhism. It also outlines practices that Sikhism does not agree with such as killing of animals, fasting, and polygamy in any shape or form whether under certain circumstances or not. We do respectfully disagree with these practices.

We do not want to get into discussion about other religions as this is not the focus of Sikhism. Again we apologize if we offended you, it was not our intention.

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