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Sikhism: When praying, I usually go through it fast. Whenever I attempt to understand the meaning or read the translations, I don't feel a connection with anything. What can I do to feel connected to something I don't know?
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by Panj | 2016-05-24 13:31:02


It is best to take your time to read something and understand it. It is not how much your read or recite, it is all about how much time you spent with God. You can say Waheguru 5 times in 1 hour or 500 times, it is all the same. Take your time to deeply understand the meanings of Gurbani. Listen to Shabads on our Youtube Channel and read their meanings. Do listen to Slok Mahhal 9. Once you being to understand the Shabads on your own you will not need translation and it will be like making a connection and talking to God directly.

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