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Sikhism: Aren't animals equal as humans? Why do we drink milk?
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by Arjit Singh | 2015-12-28 14:21:09

I don't think it has been stated in the Guru Granth Sahib that using the cow for milk is right. It is us, the humans that continue to do it, because the cow is helpless, and it can't say anything. Are we not being superior on them? Is that equality?

In Guru Granth Sahib Ji, equality is mentioned among all races of humans. Right to live is mentioned among all species. However, equality among all species is not mentioned. This is because human life is considered special. We go through the cycle or reincarnation among all species and get a chance to enter human specie and this is our chance to meet God as only humans can make the connection with God, not other animals.

Sikh Guru did consume milk and milk product such as butter and kheer (rice pudding cooked in milk). This is because milking a cow does not go into killing the cow or harming the cow. Cows and Buffaloes were (and still are by some) very cared for. People built shelters for them, bathed them, fed them with all natural food, and cared for them. However, In our modern society, dairy production is very commercialized. Animals do suffer, hormones and chemicals are also used on animals, which is not right. So, keeping this in mind, only organic milk should be consumed which is free of all chemicals and hormones and does not go into harming the animals.

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