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Sikhism: Have you noticed that the belief system of Sikhism is sort of reflected upon the beliefs and values of the prevailing religions at the time?
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by Panj | 2016-05-24 13:27:39

HINDUISM - dharma, karma, god, meditation, reincarnation, soul (atmah), all the Hindu gods like shiva and brahma mention in SSGGji, chant, need guru, scriptures are sacred, heaven and hell, aarti, bhagat, singing the praises of the lord, liberation, do good and avoid evil; ISLAM - praise of lord who is infinite, loving, forgiving, caring, kind, benevolent, has many names; god reveals himself truly through revelations to his messengers such as gurus, believe in one god, dress modestly, do good and avoid evil, soul, equality. JAINISM/BUDDHISM (Dharma, god. Karma. Reincarnation and deliverance, the soul, the middle way of life meaning moderation, nirvana, life after death, birth cycles CHRISTIANITY - pay a tithe (1/10 of the income) to church or give to the poor, good is found in the community, moderation, love god and others, no lies, no adultery, equality, a communion/sangat is a community of baptized followers; baptism, scripture is sacred, scriptures have man meanings and are ambiguous; life and death; god is great and we are dumb; heaven and hell, singing the praises, god's name is special; his name is nourishment and savior, sin, evil and good; god is in everyone; be humble; we are servants of god; Christ / god is in me and etc... Yes, the belief system of Sikhism is similar to other religions, but other religions, in essence, are also similar to other religions. What I am saying is all the religions in the world have many similar characteristics and beliefs as noted above. This signifies that the human race tends to amend a contemporary religion to meet its cultural needs or its logic and reasoning or one's desire/perception of the purpose of life. religion from looking at these similarities seem man-made and just a varied version of one religion. Maybe religion is man-made?


Similarity in beliefs does not mean one of derived from the other. It only means there is agreement and the source might be the same delivering the same message. Gurbani (word of God) is delivered by God Himself. If you read and understand Gurbani, you will realize that there are many things mentioned in Gurbani that no human on this earth knew of.  So there has to be a source of this knowledge. Plus devotees of God such as Naamdev Ji, Sain Ji, Kabeer Ji mentioned their own experiences in their writing with their Union with God and attaining salvation. There are numerous devotees from different eras, different region with no connection to each other delivering the same knowledge and sharing the same experiences.

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