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Sikhism: Aren't we made of all the same elements at atomic level? Then why we do not eat chicken but eat plants?
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by Panj | 2016-05-24 13:23:58

If we look at the body from an atomic level, all we are essentially are atoms of different elements (C, O, H, N, Ca, S and other elements) joined together to make molecules, which bind in different ways to form the cells, proteins, DNA, RNA, apatite, lipids, carbs and many other chemicals. Some of these chemicals help to make organelles, tissues, organs, system of organs and us humans. The same applies to all living beings and non living objects. We are all atoms in essence. So what's wrong in consuming something such as chicken or aloe vera? They both are made up of atoms. You might argue well chicken has a conscience, then what about eating gelatin. It's just a protein. Eating a protein should not matter right because it is just atoms combined together.


What makes living things different from non living things is soul, our spirit. We are essentially made up of the same elements, however, distinction come in with the complexity, relationships, and emotions the life form consists. For example killing a goose is not the same as killing a spinach plant. Goose mate for life and killing one effects the other. Goose have families, killing the mother or the father has effect on the baby goose. Animals have a much more complex life than plants.

Please read:
If we should not eat meat then why do we eat plants while both have life?

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