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Sikhism: why do in Westren countries Gurdwaras have their own committees and sangats who are exclusive to that particular sangat?
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by Panj | 2016-05-24 13:14:43

The city in which I live, there are many gurdwaras (approx 9-10). With that said, the gurdwaras have their own committees and sangats who are exclusive to sangats going to different gurdwaras. Each sangat does not mingle with the other sangat and consider their sangat to be "the one". I mean I have parents who are not exclusive like that, so we visit all different sangats whenever we can. Yet the sangat is always telling out families to not go anywhere but just come to them alone. I despise this system so much and I cry whenever I go to the Gurdwara.


This is totally against the teachings of Sikhism. Some Sikhs are not following Sikhism. It is a shame that some Sikhs will segregate Gurdwara Sahibs based on their alliances. This is what Sikhs Gurus instructed to get rid of, get rid of race, color, caste, alliances, and consider everyone equal. It is shame that some Sikhs do not listen to the message and now have segregated Gurdwara Sahibs. Very shameful.

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