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Sikhism: Why do Sikhs want Khalistan?
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by Panj | 2016-05-24 13:16:32

Many Sikhs protest to have a Khalistan, a land where only Sikhs exist (I.e. somewhere in Punjab). But why do we need Khalistan? Why should we confine all Sikhs in a small piece of land set amid of globalization? Why would Guru Ji want Sikhs to be in such a position?


Sikhs who want to have a separate land called Kahlistan want so because Sikhs are not recognized or treated fairly in India. Sikhs make no such claim in western countries because there is freedom of religion and equality established by western governments. There is separate of religion and politics in western countries. In India, many Sikhs believe that they are being discriminated against when it comes to rights because they are the minority and there are no laws protecting them. It is best to live in harmony among all races and religions and not to segregate yourself. This is provided that other races and religions also want to life in harmony with you.

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