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Sikhism: What sort of realization comes from chanting recitations of Waheguru? I mean it's just chanting.
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by Panj | 2016-05-24 12:55:27


Chanting is a way to clear your mind so you can focus in God and grow spiritually. It is very easy to get distracted. If you try to close your eyes, sit still and try not to think about anything, nothing, for 10 minutes, you will find that it is very hard to do or seems almost impossible. Chanting the Name of God Waheguru helps us keep focused so we can meditate on God and get close to Him spiritually. When one meditates and grows spiritually, lots of things come to realization and we come to understand life, this world and this universe. Just like studying in school gives us knowledge about languages, history, science etc. Meditation gives us spiritual knowledge and understanding.

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