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Sikhism: During the early wars of Sikhism did the Sikhs not feel rage and anger?
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by Manveer | 2016-05-20 11:18:45


A Sikh must be spiritual first before becoming a warrior. A Sikh is to respect all life no matter what religion, caste, gender, or class they belong to. Some of the Sikhs fighting battles against Muslim Extremist centuries ago, were so spiritual that they could set aside their feeling of anger and hate while fighting battles. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru HarGobind Singh Ji, Bhai Ghanaia and numerous Sikhs would tend to Muslims injured in war and take care of them after the battle ended. If they had anger and hatred towards them, they wouldn't do such a thing. Anger is a human emotion, it comes naturally. However, when one does meditation and grows spiritually, he or she rises above these emotions and then anger, ego, greed, gold, iron, none of this matters to them. It is just like watching a movie. We do feel certain emotions while watching the movie and we realize this is not the end, we have a life outside this movie and it does not affect us. Similarly, spiritual people know this life, this world, and these emotions do not mean much, it will come to and end. We have a life after this one and the journey of the soul continues. It is like our Soul is changing clothes constantly. Human form is just like our soul wearing clothing. There is a grand cycle of life and spirituality, when one understand this, then this world, and the emotions that come with it, and possessions that come with it do not mean much. One does not get affected by them. Please read Slok Mahalla 9 by Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji on our YouTube Channel. Guru Ji explains this very well.

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