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Sikhism: Is non-veg restricted? because on Pg 1289 its given that what is green and what is meat.
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by Jasmeet Kaur | 2015-12-24 17:31:23

What you are referring to is the Shabad Maas Maas Kar Murakh Jhagaray Gian Thian Nahi Janay. In this Shabad, Guru Ji mentions people argue and debate about eating meat but they yet not understand true wisdom and spirituality.

'Only the fool quarrels over the question of eating or not eating of the meat. He does not have the True Wisdom. Without True Wisdom or Meditation, he concentrates on which is flesh and which is green and which food is sinful and which is not.' (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 1289)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji saw a Pandit cheating others, making fool of other, and proclaiming that he is holy by his appearance and giving up meat. He claims to attain the state of holyness just by being a vegetarian. So, Guru Ji addresses this Pandit who believes that he can achieve Nirvana (a state of liberation) only by avoiding meat as a food source and not trying to obtain the true wisdom through meditation. The message of Guru Ji is not just to this Pandit but to all of us and the whole world. Guru Ji stresses that only avoiding meat will not lead one to salvation. Guru Ji exposes the Pandit's hypocrisy and double standards that he claims to not hurt animals, and yet he hurts others. He claims to know the meaning of spirituality, however he does not understand spirituality and true wisdom.

Not even once in this Shabad Guru Ji mentions that eating meat is ok. Many people try to distort the meanings and misinterpret this Shabad to say that eating meat is ok, however not even once it is stated in this Shabad that 'Meat can be a food source'. In addition, there are several sources in Guru Granth Sahib Ji that state 'Eating meat is NOT ok.'

Just by giving up meat or becoming a vegetarian one cannot become One with God. You have to do good deeds, mediate, love God, and purify yourself to become One with God. Vegetarian food, helps one live a peaceful lifestyle, in harmony with other animals, by not killing animals, and not making other animals suffer.

Please read the following two links for more information, and also watch the videos in the second link:

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