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Sikhism: How does one reconcile Sikhism with work and ambition?
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by Sundeep | 2015-12-22 18:37:08

We get educated to get the best job we can to earn the most we can and give back (3 principals), but if one truly connects and just mediates on god, one would (or should) not have the work related goals because they must do what they are inspired to do when god guides them. So should we really have goals or simply do what god tells us to do?

We should always strive hard and make our lives better. You should be ambitious and try achieving the goals you desire. We should however remember that the purpose of our life is to become One with God, so doing anything, working, studying, walking, eating, we should have God in our heart and mind. Guru Ji built a lifestyle so that you can live a family life, have kids, work, strive, and in doing so always keep God in your mind.

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