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Sikhism: Women have been given a status equal to men in Sikhism. Then why is it that there is no woman in the 'Panj Pyaras'?
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by Gurleen Kaur | 2016-02-18 16:26:55

Why the Palla rasam during a wedding? Why is only the groom supposed to carry a kirpan during laavan fere? Do these not imply that women need men for protection?


Panj Payaray were not chosen. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked for the sacrifice of oneself, the 5 individual that stood up were men. If any women were to stand up and be ready for the sacrifice, she would have been included in Panj Payaray. Sikh Gurus did not make any distinction between men and women and gave everyone equal status regardless of their religion.

Wearing of Kirpan in weddings and Palla Rasam having woman walk behind man is cultural. It has nothing to do with Sikhism or Sikh Beliefs.

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