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Sikhism: If our greed or lust makes us go through the cycle or re-incarnation then who was the first person to be born on this planet? And what crime did he commit to be born?
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by Mandeep Singh | 2015-12-21 18:21:32

Greed and lust entangles us and makes us focus on other things than God. It's not like you sinned and committed a crime that's why you are here. It's because we haven't made a connection with God to become One with Him. If one commits no crime or sin and does not mediate or created a connection with God, he will still go through reincarnation as only the ones that love God and want to be with Him get to be.

There wasn't any first person to be born, Everything has always existed in one form or the other, evolved and get to be what it is today. Before humans there were other life forms, before Earth there were (still are) other planets with life forms. Before this Universe there was another Universe. Time is subjective and relative. There was never a beginning, nor there will be an end. However, everything that takes birth dies, including humans, animals, Earth, Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe. Gurbani states this is not the first time God created the Universe, he has done many time. When things end, the same matter takes another form and creates new things and the cycle goes on.

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