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Sikhism: Why did all the Gurus came in such short span of 239 years as compared to the length of humanity and why in India?
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by Mandeep Singh | 2015-12-22 10:23:36

Guru Jis came in such a short time span as compared to the length of humanity because at that time there were very many religious wars being fought in India and there was religious segregation. Sikh Gurus preached that religion is not everything, just by being a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, or Christian, you will not be saved, you have to be a good human, do moral deeds, help others, live a pure life and connect with God. The colors or religion are temporary, just like temporary color is washes away with water, so does religion after death, there are no religions hereafter.

God didn't just send Sikh Gurus. God has sent many others as well. So it was not just the Sikh Guru in the region of India. God has also sent Jesus, Buddha and many others as well. God hasn't just focused on India, God has focused on many parts of the world, if you do research you will find the evidence of this all over the worlds, even in rural Africa. If you compare teachings of Sikh Gurus with Jesus and Buddha, you won't find conflicts, it's people that make conflicts.

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