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Sikhism: Is eating meat not wrong since farmers kill many insects to feed so many people?
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by Simrat | 2016-11-17 11:20:36

I myself am a vegetarian, while my elders are not. They tell me that eating meat is not wrong because farmers kill many insects etc to feed so many people. How should I answer them?


When understanding not to eat meat, the laws of life, and to respect life, it all comes down to intentions. When insects are killed while farming, it is not our intention to kill those insects, while an animal killed for meat is intentionally killed. It is our intention to end the life of that animal. Some farmers do use insecticides and it is against the law of life. Organic farming should be practiced to deter insects and not to kill them. We should also eat organic.

There is a big difference if a rabbit happens to come under your car while driving and unintentionally being killed than one going after a rabbit and intentionally killing the rabbit for meat. Even if some insects are unintentionally killed with tractors and machinery while farming, these insects are still not eaten or considered food. Unintentional end of life is according to the rule of life.

If we cannot create life, who are we to decide who should live or die? Who are we to decide to end the life of an animal? We are all animals and belong to the same class of life.

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