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Sikhism: I am not from India, how can I become a Sikh? I don't know if someone from another country can join the Sikh faith?
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by Sims | 2016-11-22 16:16:54


Anyone from any cukture, ethnicity, race, gender, country, or class can join Sikhism and become a Sikh.

You can keep learning about Sikhism online and via books. It is very important to learn and understand Gurbani to get the clear direct message from the scriptures. The beauty of Sikhism is that you can live like a Pure Sikh no matter where you are. You can travel to a place where there is a Gurdwara Sahib for few days and get in touch with Sikhs. You can contact the Sikhs there before hand and they can most likely arrange a place for you to stay, most Gurdwara Sahibs have Langar (community food) and lodging available.

We are glad to see you you are learning about Sikhism and realizing the beauty of the message of Sikhism.

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