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Sikhism: With regards to your statement that reincarnation is a system of life, why does one need to be punished again after undergoing punishment once?
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by Fahad Jahangir | 2016-08-29 10:26:59

Say a man or woman is given the worse possible punishment for the longest time ever a human can imagine, then thrown into this world as secondary punishment without even remembering what had happened to him or her in the previous life. How does that punishment and the worldly punishment help to make one a better person? Surely if the prophesized lord is the most forgiving then He surely would not want to see anyone go through punishment twice. If our "soul" is part of the god then by common logic we humans should receive a part of all his virtues? Just like as a specimen is considered true of a sample. If humans are asked to be merciful then that lord has have absolute mercy on his subject or servant to allow him to become eternal. Also if I am rewarded heaven for my efforts then why do i need to come back into this world? This possibly contradicts the belief that this world is hell or punishment etc. we only expect a reward or promotion etc when our good actions have outnumbered the bad actions, if I am in heaven then why do I need to come back into this terrible world?


Nowhere do we mention that one goes through punishment twice. No one knows how exactly and to what extent the punishment for bad deeds work. It is not just going to hell or taking birth again and suffering through a tough life. It can be either or both depending on the deeds, and it can be taking birth over and over again for numerous lifetimes again depending on the deeds. We do not have details on that, no one does, only God knows how actions are judged. However, we will take birth again and go though the cycle of birth and death regardless of our deeds until we become One with God by living a pure life and making a connection with God by becoming spiritual. Reincarnation is the system of life. Regardless of deeds, everyone goes through reincarnation until one purifies himself/herself via love towards God and meditation and becomes One with God.

What kind of life we have whether easy and peaceful with all needs met or painful life filled with struggle depends on our deeds. Many of us may not know in our lifespan what we are being punished for if we are, however the everlasting immortal soul does. If you do connect with your spirituality, you will know. God does have mercy, he is the most merciful of all. However, we do have free will as well and God does not interfere with free will. Our soul is a part of God, it has all virtues of God, however most of us are not even in touch with our soul, we do not meditate and we do not grow our spirituality. If we do, we will realize the virtues of God and connection with God. If you are in heaven for good deeds, you will need to come back because you have not achieved salvation. In Sikhism salvation is not entering heaven, it is becoming One with God. You cannot earn a place in heaven forever by doing good deeds, but once the reward for your good deed is paid, you will take birth again and again and again until you purify yourself, grow your spirituality, and become One with God.

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