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Sikhism: How can I get through these tough times?
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by Aruninder Singh | 2016-08-29 13:01:22

I was a good sikh. Not amritdhari but never hurt anyone or done bad deeds. After 3 months of marriage me and my wife had terrible accident. Suffered for six months. After Few months I took Amrit and started to recite bani daily. But again after six months mine and my wife's health deteriorated. I am again on verge of life and death issue. I really want to do good I know it's test but I can't let my attachment to my wife go. So please guide me.


You do not have to let attachment with your wife go. Sikhism encourages family life. The only thing you can go is meditate, life a moral life, help and support your wife, and leave the rest to Waheguru (God). Sarab Rog ka Aukhad Naam. For all pains, the only cure is Naam (reciting the Name of God).

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