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Sikhism: Does God allow sexism?
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by Gurleen | 2016-08-29 13:09:09

I read your blog on homosexuality, if God never said anything about homosexuality are people pushing the belief that homosexuality is wrong through God? If nothing is said about it why are the gurdwaras not allowing same sex marriages? Also, this is not related to homosexuality but why is there no women in the Golden Temple. For examples, all the men are around the guru Granth Sahib Ji 24/7. Does god allow sexism?


God does not allow sexism. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God and in Sikhism. Actions of Sikhs do not define Sikhism. Sometimes, people are more engraved in culture that they forget what religion instructs. In Sikhism, women have the same rights and status as men. Women have lead battles in Guru Gobind Singh Ji's armies. Women have been Granthis. We are not sure why there are not as many women as men at Golden Temple, however Inderjit Kaur is a woman who has been selected to be part of the 21-member Religious Advisory Board (RAB) created by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee at the Golden Temple. We encourage more Sikh women to come forward and be a part of the leading Sikh Committees.

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